Generative digital media collage.
Premiered at Zukunft am Ostkreuz
Group exhibition “Per-former/ceiver”
Berlin, July 2022

“Like everything metaphysical,
the harmony between thought and reality
is to be found in the grammar of the language”.

Ludwig Wittgenstein

A ventriloquist voice in the public space. Different materials and forms of perception, emergent aesthetics and the public space as a narrative.

“Phonetics” is a generative digital media collage that uses images, video, and audio recordings found in the public space as ready-made objects to juggle emerging narratives between multiple asthethics and their interaction with the social subject.

Community makes communication.


Das Geld in guten Hände
das gɛlt ɪn gy:tən hɛndə

bɪn jɛt͡st abɐ vax ɛɐ̯ʁaɪ̯çba:ɐ̯ ʊnt anʃpʁɛçba:ɐ̯

Habe die Brille nicht gebracht
ha:bə     di:     bʁɪlə     nɪçt     gəbʁaxt

klæŋ mætʃt lænd

Feminismus trägt kein Kopftuch
Den Planeten kannst du nicht wechseln, aber deinen Job
Renn, als würde es um alles gehen.

In 6 Monate wird ich getötet.

Komm gut nahause

social acceptance
The sensible experience of a common space.

Immer mehr.
Immer unfair.
How do we memorize the road?
Bleibt immer sichtbar.


Manifiesto -
El Muro Tango & Omar Mollo

Omar Mollo, voice
Juan Pablo de Lucca, piano
Karl Espegard, violin
Lysandre Donoso, bandoneon
Jon Åsnes, double bass


Buenos 4ires

Fixed media work
Single-channel video
Duration: 20 min.

“Tango is an infinite possibility”
Leopoldo Marechal

“Buenos 4ires” is a sensory ethnographic research work made in Buenos Aires´ public and private spaces. It combines field recordings, cinematography, and performances in different urban settings,  incesantly asking “what does tango look like away from the stage”? 

Featuring performances by Julián Peralta, Fer Bietti, Pablo Martínez, Fantasía Luvola, "Los Rotos de Almagro".

ACT - Berlin / Brandenburg 

Electronic live music

Live at Kitkat, Berlin


Audiovisual performance
JCJP-030 is a Berlin based trio consisting of video artist Carolina Ovando (CL), filmmaker James Pain (AU) and musician Juan Pablo de Lucca (AR). The group combines field recordings, modular synths, experimental cinematography, and live video mapping to create an interdisciplinary and immersive mode of storytelling. Initially conceived during the lockdown months of 2020 as a livestream, the project has since been adapted to also suit a live performance experience.

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