photo by Fraukje Engels

Composer and pianist from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Juan Pablo lives in Berlin and is a member of El Muro Tango, with whom they have performed all across Europe and South America. Through different solo projects and collaborations, he also produces music that blends the acoustic and electronic worlds.

Grandson of legendary tango singer Alberto Castillo, Juan Pablo got acquainted from a young age with his folkloric music, and had the opportunity to perform with tango singers Alberto Podestá and Oscar Ferrari. He collaborates with some of today´s finest tango singers and has toured as part of Miguel Ángel Zotto´s dance company. In 2021, Juan Pablo is working in collaboration with Argentine award-winning director Leonardo Cuello for the show "Milongas de Carnaval".

The electronic works "Senja" and the upcoming "Berlin-Brandenburg" draw inspiration from classical minimalism, ambient, and techno, and are heavily influenced by the natural soundscapes in which they were created. In 2019, Juan Pablo held an artistic residency in Kråkeslottet Festival (NO) and in 2020, he took the whole area of Brandeburg as his “residency”, conducting several field recording trips to several of the different nature parks around Berlin.

Juan Pablo has released two albums ("Nostálgico" & "Después de todo"). He has performed in renowned venues Concertgebouw, Amsterdam and Haus der Musik, Innsbruck, and KitKat Club, and in festivals Buenos Aires Tango and Oslo Chamber Music Festival. His music has been premiered at Buenos Aires National Library.