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Juan Pablo de Lucca is an Argentinian composer, producer, and pianist working in Berlin. His work explores acoustic and electronic sound spaces while drawing on a wide range of musical traditions.

He has composed for film, theater, and dance, solo piano, chamber orchestras, and mixed ensembles and performed in venues as diverse as Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, Haus der Musik, Innsbruck, and  festivals Buenos Aires Tango Festival, Oslo Chamber Music Festival, and Mexico Acoustic Ecology Festival. His music has been premiered at Buenos Aires National Library and performed by the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra.

@ Nicolás Satriani

Juan Pablo de Lucca began his musical career in Buenos Aires where he followed his grandfather, the famed Alberto Castillo, into the world of tango. He has performed with tango greats Alberto Podesta and Oscar Ferrari, and leading contemporary tango singers including Omar Mollo, Chino Laborde, Cucuza Castiello, and Juan Villareal. He is a founding member of the ensemble El Muro Tango.  As a pianist, Juan Pablo toured with Miguel Angel Zotto's dance company and co-created and served as musical director on the show “Milongas de Carnaval” with award-winning Argentinian choreographer Leonardo Cuello.

Juan Pablo has held artistic residencies at Tanzfabrik Berlin (2020) and Krakeslottet Festival (2019), received the SGAE Grant for Popular Music (2020), the Mecenazgo Cultural Grant (2014, 2016), Melos/Gandini Scholarship for Contemporary Music Composition (2009), and the U.C.A. Merit based Scholarship (2008).

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