Music Composer & Producer, Pianist

Buenos 4ires

Fixed media work
Single-channel video
Duration: 20 min.

“Buenos 4ires” is a sensory ethnographic research project that explores the intersections of tango, identity, and the urban space in Buenos Aires. The project combines field recordings, cinematography, and performances to examine what tango looks and feels like outside the stage. It features performances by Julián Peralta, Fer Bietti, Pablo Martínez, and showcases how diverse modes of being contribute to our perception of space. 


Electronic music

Gerardo Agnese - Bandoneon & electronics
Juan Pablo de Lucca - Sinthesyzers
River Machine (@river.machine) • Instagram photos and videos

Rattenkönig OST

Film Soundtrack

Original Soundtrack for the film "Rattenkönig" (2022)

released December 5, 2023


Music for Lost Voices

Music for theater

All music written by Jason Kenny.

Piano performed by Juan Pablo de Lucca.
Cello performed by Anton Peys.

Recorded in Studio C, the Abernathy Building.
Produced by Jason Kenny and Juan Pablo de Lucca.
Mixed by Juan Pablo de Lucca.

released September 9, 2022

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