Berlin - Brandenburg live set (2021, preview)

Langer See (2020, single) 

Senja (2020)

“Senja” is an electronic ambient music EP composed during the winter months far north in the Arctic Circle. The album was produced using field recordings, synthesizers and samples inspired by the story of Kråkeslottet, an old fishing plant transformed in a cultural hub in the island of Senja, Norway.

Senja 1 - Juan Pablo de Lucca from James Pain on Vimeo.

“Senja” was performed in ArtiJuli Festival (NO) as an audiovisual presentation in collaboration with video artist Madalena Zampitelli.

Special thanks Georg Blichfeldt and family

Polymers (2018)

A journey through a digital landscape where structures come to life and evolve in an endless continuum. Modal harmonies, pulsing synths and oniric soundscapes create a careful balance between organic and digital textures. Polymers is a reflection on interpersonal relations.