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Ready-made objects, webcam, digital media collage.
“Like everything metaphysical,
the harmony between thought and reality
is to be found in the grammar of the language”.

Ludwig Wittgenstein

A ventriloquist voice in the public space. Different materials and forms of perception, emergent aesthetics and the public space as a narrative.

“Phonetics” is a generative digital media collage that uses images, video, and audio recordings found in the public space as ready-made objects to juggle emerging narratives between multiple asthethics and their interaction with the social subject.

Premiered at Zukunft am Ostkreuz, Berlin in July 2022 as part of the group exhibition Per-former/ceiver.


Acoustic Communication

Klanglandschaften Festival 2022 (Brandenburg, DE)

Presented in Klanglandschaften Festival 2022 (DE), these two installations rely on technology to point us towards the "unheard" -that which our physiology cannot perceive. By shifting our listening position, we discover there is always more than what meets the ear.

"Bitte Nicht Füttern" uses a geophone mic to convert ground movement into voltage, playfully imagining an alternative listening relation between ants and humans.

"Broadcast" reveals the process of sound production, transmission, and interference. By using an electromagnetic microphone on an electrical fence, the piece plays back interfered radio waves into the airborne acoustic space.

Technological production comes at a huge environmental cost and generates an enormous amount of pollution in order to support our economic infrastructure. Can technological mediated relations create new sensibilities to the (unheard) world around us?

Buenos 4ires

Fixed media work
Single-channel video
Duration: 20 min.

“Tango is an infinite possibility”
Leopoldo Marechal

“Buenos 4ires” is a sensory ethnographic research work made in Buenos Aires´ public and private spaces. It combines field recordings, cinematography, and performances in different urban settings,  incesantly asking “what does tango look like away from the stage”? 

Featuring performances by Julián Peralta, Fer Bietti, Pablo Martínez, Fantasía Luvola, "Los Rotos de Almagro".

ACT - Berlin / Brandenburg 

Electronic live music

Live at Kitkat, Berlin

El Muro Tango

elmurotango.com  spotify 

El Muro Tango is an Argentine-Norwegian tango band that in record time has taken the international tango world by storm. With their energetic stage performance and unique expression, El Muro Tango has thrilled tango dancers and music lovers throughout Europe and South America. In August 2019, the band made its debut at Concertgebouw, Amsterdam.

«Nostálgico is an album that convinces with its wonderfully elaborated arrangements, as well as its sound, committed to the tradition of the old masters, that is so rarely found in today’s tango bands» – AMM Magazin

«… the craftsmanship here is exceptional. This is quality music, played to perfection» – Dan Hobson, Songlines Magazine

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