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Acoustic Communication

Klanglandschaften Festival 2022 (Brandenburg, DE)

Presented in Klanglandschaften Festival 2022 (DE), these two installations rely on technology to point us towards the "unheard" -that which our physiology cannot perceive. By shifting our listening position, we discover there is always more than what meets the ear.

"Bitte Nicht Füttern" uses a geophone mic to convert ground movement into voltage, playfully imagining an alternative listening relation between ants and humans.

"Broadcast" reveals the process of sound production, transmission, and interference. By using an electromagnetic microphone on an electrical fence, the piece plays back interfered radio waves into the airborne acoustic space.

Technological production comes at a huge environmental cost and generates an enormous amount of pollution in order to support our economic infrastructure. Can technological mediated relations create new sensibilities to the (unheard) world around us?

ACT - Berlin / Brandenburg 

Live Set

Electronic music for the dancefloor.

Live at Kitkat, Berlin

Music for Lost Voices

Music for theater

released September 9, 2022

All music written by Jason Kenny.

Piano performed by Juan Pablo de Lucca.
Cello performed by Anton Peys.

Recorded in Studio C, the Abernathy Building.
Produced by Jason Kenny and Juan Pablo de Lucca.
Mixed by Juan Pablo de Lucca.


Audiovisual performance
JCJP-030 is a Berlin based trio consisting of video artist Carolina Ovando (CL), filmmaker James Pain (AU) and musician Juan Pablo de Lucca (AR). The group combines field recordings, modular synths, experimental cinematography, and live video mapping to create an interdisciplinary and immersive mode of storytelling. Initially conceived during the lockdown months of 2020 as a livestream, the project has since been adapted to also suit a live performance experience.

Senja (2020)

Electronic Music

“Senja” is an electronic ambient music EP composed during the winter months far north in the Arctic Circle. The album is inspired by the story of Kråkeslottet, an old fishing plant transformed in a cultural hub in the island of Senja, Norway.

“Senja” was performed in ArtiJuli Festival (NO) as an audiovisual presentation in collaboration with video artist Madalena Zampitelli.

Special thanks Georg Blichfeldt and family.

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