Después de todo (2016)

Juan Pablo de Lucca

Released June 6, 2016

Producer: Juan Pablo de Lucca
Recording, mixing and mastering: Mariano Cuello y Hernán Caratazzolo
At Casa Frida, september 2015

Piano: Juan Pablo de Lucca
Drums: Mauro Caracotche
Bandoneón: Santiago Cirmi and Luis Caruana (∞)
Flute: Juan Pablo di Leone and Maia Perduca (∞)
Contrabajo: Manuel Villar Lifac and Emiliano Lorenzo (∞)

Guest artist: Gabriel Wolff (viola) y Emanuel Aguirrez (cello) in track 1 and Luciano Sellan (guitar) in track 6

(∞) Tracks 7 and 8
Artwork: Tomás Bres Bullrich

All music written and arranged by Juan Pablo de Lucca, but “La que murió en París”, by Maciel and Blomberg.

Special thanks to my family, friends and beloved ones who helped this creative process. Also, Julián Peralta, Pablo Fraguela, Beba Pugliese, Andrés Linetzky and Jorge Dragone for their insights.