Composer, arranger and pianist. From 2016, he is part of El Muro. With this group he conducts European and Argentine tours and records in 2017 the album “Nostálgico”. Since the year 2014, he works at “Juan Pablo de Lucca Quinteto”, performing and composing contemporary tango and releasing in 2016 his debut solo album, “Después de todo”.

Having studied with Gerardo Gandini, Jorge Dragone, Andrés Linetzky, Julián Peralta and Beba Pugliese, his style can be defined as the mix of traditional playing and more modern ways of expression, typical of the younger generations of tango musicians.

Grandson of legendary tango singer Alberto Castillo, Juan Pablo got acquainted from a young age with the nuances of his folkloric music, and had the opportunity to perform with classic tango singers such as Alberto Podestá and Oscar Ferrari. He has performed widely in Buenos Aires in places like C.C. Torquato Tasso, Festival de Tango de Buenos Aires, Grand Rex, C.C. Konex, Teatro Coliseo, etc., and touring internationally to Europe. Juan Pablo has also played and recorded with Orquesta Típica Almagro, Quinteto Varietal and worked as a tango pianist in tango shows in Buenos Aires.

He was awarded with the Mecenazgo Cultural (2014, 2016), Melos/Gandini grant for contemporary music composition (2009) and U.C.A. scholarship based on merit (2008). His music has been premiered by ensemble “Compañía Oblicua” at the National Library of Buenos Aires in 2010.